Celebrating more than 35 years of service
to children in California

Stone Soup Before and After School Programs
help students achieve all year long

Success begins with Stone Soup…


Our Philosophy:

  • Homework is #1
  • Motivation through joyful learning
  • Real-life math
  • STEM and beyond
  • Trusting relationships
  • ARTS activities
  • Nutrition and fitness

Stone Soup features:

  • Partnership with school districts
  • Low staff-to-child ratio
  • Affordable fees
  • Enroll transitional kindergarten and up
  • RAND-evaluated
  • Nationally-recognized
  • A safe environment

For information call 818-339-7414 or email stonesoupsocal@gmail.com

For before and after school on-site program enrollment:
All Districts 562-556-7550 or email stonesoupsocal@gmail.com

Once upon a time…

bus1Stone Soup is taken from the Napoleonic children’s tale about three starving soldiers who convince a village to pool their scarce resources to make soup. The soldiers contribute a pot and a stone. Each villager contributes a food item to make the soup. The results of this collaboration were enjoyed by everyone.

Nationally recognized as a pioneer in the child care field, Stone Soup Child Care Programs partners with school districts, cities and public and private enterprise to provide quality, affordable child care in California communities.

“The Stone Soup Child Care Program is believed to be the
first child care program at a public school in Los Angeles County.”
– Los Angeles Times,
December 21, 1986

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