Statewide contests are held every two months for the Stone Soup children which include art and science projects, essays, video production, script writing. flag and logo design, holiday creation and book mark design.

Recent poetry contest winners are:

My Dog

My dog is so scruffy,
that I named him Fluffy.
When he was small,
I gave him a ball.
When he got older he did not play,
all he would do is Lay Lay Lay.
I told him to Stay,
but he came anyway.
So one day I gave up,
I said “sorry pup”.
He came to me and sat in my lap,
but I snapped “got off my favorite cap!”
So he was sad but I said “sorry”… he was glad.
At the end of the day he was my friend,
and I said “I will love You to the end”.

– Liliana, 12 Yrs. old


Stone Soup Fun

Stone Soup is fun,
My homework is always done.
I always play
And Stone Soup is the best place to go every day.

I use different objects
To make different projects
We go outside and play kick ball
And I am so tall I can catch the ball.

– Josiah, Age 8


We want to save the Earth
We really love our planet
let’s all do some recycling
let’s all together plan it.

Kids at Stone Soup
Are very smart, they
Turn their trash
Into very nice art.

– Lyli, 7 Yrs. old

A verb is a word, it’s an action word.
If you can do it, do it.
if you do it, it’s a verb!

– Collin, 7 Yrs. old


No Pencil.
No Marker.
No Paint brush,
No Pen.
No nothing
to draw with
or paint with
No blue paint.
No green Paint.
No Pink Paint.
No Red.
Mom takes them away when I color
my head.

– Anthony, 7 Yrs. old


My puppy’s name is Poppy.
When she kisses me it’s sloppy.
My baby puppy is cute
She will be 3 in June.
Poppy is tiny
but sometimes she is whiny
I love my dog with all my heart
because she is very smart.

– KAITLYN, 8 Yrs. old

An acrostic poem:


So awesome
Over the moon

– Noah, 10 Yrs. old

Art Contests

A contest for health-related topics was held for children’s art work to be permanently displayed at two of QueensCare’s health clinics. Winning entries were matted and framed by QueensCare, and free movie tickets were given to the winners.








Chess Tournaments


President Contest


Tile Signs


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