Statewide contests are held every two months for the Stone Soup children which include art and science projects, essays, video production, script writing. flag and logo design, holiday creation and book mark design.

A recent essay contest winner was Joseph, a 7th grader from the Little Lake City School District.
The subject was: “What is your special talent?”

My Talent Is Poetry!

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is hard to describe
Because it’s a parent free paradise.
Stone Soup is more than joy
For they have lots of toys.
It’s a place I’ll always like to be
Because it’s the only place I can be free.
The kids I see here and there
Are missing out on stone Soup’s wonderful care.
The joy isn’t only from the treats and toys
It’s also from Stone Soup’s love for us girls and boys.
I feel so sad that it’s almost time to leave
But I’m so happy from the things I’ve seen.
In Stone Soup everyone’s your friend
Like different love and care that has been blended
To make something good instead of offensive.
For, I will be returning tomorrow …..
And tomorrow I’ll receive the love and care
From Kenia and Gaylene.

Art Contests

A contest for health-related topics was held for children’s art work to be permanently displayed at two of QueensCare’s health clinics. Winning entries were matted and framed by QueensCare, and free movie tickets were given to the winners.








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