Evaluations of the Stone Soup Program

“Stone Soup truly practices the type of broad-based collaboration that is so often touted, but rarely realized in social service delivery.”

– M. Rebecca Kilburn, Ph.D.
Child Policy Director for the RAND Corporation

At Stone Soup Child Care Programs we are committed to ongoing evaluations of our programs. We recognize the importance and value of analyzing our efforts, methods, and programs to learn how to better meet the needs of our communities and those we serve. Hence, we voluntarily seek out and conduct evaluations, and to learn more click any of the links below:

  • External professional evaluation by third party; “Measuring Stone Soup’s Adherence to After-School Care Practices” by the RAND Corporation; the RAND report was extensive and resulted in a published book. For a copy of the complete evaluation, log on to www.rand.org. Additional information on the RAND CHILD POLICY PROJECT can be found at www.rand.org/child.
  • The U. S. Department of Justice and Delinquency Prevention (www.nationalgangcenter.gov/spt/programs/120) cites the exhaustive RAND research study of Stone Soup Child Care Programs as a promising practice in delinquency and gang prevention.
  • The UCLA School of Public Affairs Center for Civil Society selected Stone Soup Child Care Programs among Southern California non-profits as a “good practice” in cost-efficiency and fiscal management in delivering high-quality programs.
  • Annual internal evaluations of all key stakeholders both formally and informally; parents, children, principals, site staff, and Stone Soup staff.
  • California State University at Long Beach professor’s three-year evaluation of the Stone Soup Food and Fitness Fun Club proved Stone Soup to be an early educator of the importance of good nutrition.

For more than 30 years, Stone Soup has acknowledged the need for quality child care and has provided care before and after-school for thousands of children, some of whom are now adults and are sending their own children to Stone Soup programs throughout California.