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For Superintendents

What Superintendents Say About Stone Soup:

Philip Perez, Ed.D., Little Lake City Superintendent

Stone Soup gives kids the extra help they need. The blend of recreational, enrichment and academic activities offered by Stone Soup ensures our students time outside of the school day Is spent In a safe and supervised environment.

Dr. Kenneth Moffett, 1994 National Superintendent of the Year

Stone Soup is an outstanding program that does not place a burden on anyone.

Having a Stone Soup Child Care Program in your district is a win-win situation. It provides a much needed service to families and children with the greatest needs. It increases partnerships between the district, local public agencies, businesses and parents. It makes use of existing facilities and has a minimal impact on district resources.

To learn more about how you can bring Stone Soup Child Care Programs to your district, call us at (818) 905-1441 or send us an e-mail at

CSAC Review
Stone Soup – A Collaborative School Age Success!


For Parents

Stone Soup Parents say:

“I rave about Stone Soup to everyone. The Supervisor keeps me well informed about my daughter’s homework. I feel safer leaving her here than with some family members.”

“The staff really helped my child reach her academic goals”

“What I like best about Stone Soup is the quality of service. The people are extremely nice, professional and trustworthy and develop real relationships with the children”

“The staff feels like a second family to my child. I look forward for my grandchildren to attend.”

Wellesley College Center for Research on Women

Stone Soup has virtually met the need for school age care in communities.

Having a Stone Soup Child Care Program at your child’s school means your children can spend the hours after school in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. The program is held at the school, close to your home and familiar to your children. Stone Soup’s emphasis on learning while having fun, getting homework done while exploring topics of interest to your child in the Learning Centers builds your child’s self-discipline, curiosity, interests and skills.

To learn more about how you as a parent can help bring Stone Soup Child Care Programs to your neighborhood school, call us at (800) 421-7687 or send us an e-mail at