Stone Soup Helps

Stone Soup Helps Children Build Confidence

making-a-difference-home1Our philosophy:
  • Homework is #1
  • Motivation through joyful learning
  • Real-life math
  • STEM and beyond
  • Trusting relationships
  • ARTS activities
  • Nutrition and fitness

Stone Soup is committed to providing quality care and a full educational experience which includes a strong homework component, recreational activities, nutrition and fitness, science, math, community service, and program enrichment with art, drama, dance, special guest artists and field trips in summer. Daily homework supervision is a constant, providing consistency and the development of good study habits.

The foundation of the Stone Soup program is getting homework done. Completing assignments after class prepares children to make progress in class the next day. It reinforces what is learned. Doing homework after school helps build a child’s self-confidence and mastery of new information and new skills.

Stone Soup programs participate in a number of literacy development programs and are coordinated with schools’ Common Core. Each Stone Soup program has its own reading center where children are encouraged to relax in a comfortable area.
In addition, Stone Soup children enter statewide Stone Soup contests focusing on science, art, poetry and essay-writing.


An invaluable part of this learning process are the Stone Soup Learning Centers where children can choose what they want to do and explore new concepts. This balanced, integrated curriculum is designed to promote their cognitive, physical, social, and creative development.