Stone Soup
Before And After School Programs

Help Students Achieve All Year Long

Our Model

Smaller student groups with
low staff to child ratio

Stone Soup child care programs bring together community resources to provide safe, affordable, quality child care in low to moderate income communities

What We Do

Food and
Fitness Fun Club

School Districts We've Served

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Our Involvement


Academic Tutoring

The foundation of the Stone Soup program is getting homework done. Doing assignments after class prepares children to make progress in class the next day. It reinforces what is learned. Doing homework after school helps build a child’s self-confidence and mastery of new information and new skills.

Health Education

Stone soup offers  nutrition lessons and five fitness lessons.

Field Trips

Many Stone Soup parents work and commute long hours and may not have the time to take their children to the variety of cultural and recreational facilities that California offers.  During the summer, the Stone Soup children are taken on educational field trips which are mixed with outings to parks and playgrounds for a change of scenery and new adventures.

Personal and Skill Development

In addition to enhancing the educational goals of the children and schools through homework assistance, tutoring, and reading programs, Stone Soup contracts with guest artists to introduce the students to a variety of forms of music, dance, drama, and visual arts while incorporating customs of various cultures.

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