According to the FBI, the lack of structured and supervised after-school programs in underserved American communities contributes to a higher incidence of drug and alcohol use and delinquent or criminal behaviors. It has been well-documented that children who attend an after-school program:

  • Miss fewer days of school
  • Show better rates of homework completion and school behavior
  • Higher test scores when compared to their peers.

That’s why Stone Soup exists. Stone Soup’s internal and external evaluation confirms all these benefits it can bring to your children.

External Evaluations

Stone Soup collaborated with RAND, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis, to measure Stone Soup’s Adherence to After-School Care practices.

The RAND Report details the methods, procedures and outcomes of the 14-month collaborative effort to evaluate the effectiveness of Stone Soup’s program. This report is used to assist RAND in identifying quality standards for after-school child care programs and was a big step forward in addressing the “elusive quality dimension.”

Results of the RAND Report showed Stone Soup had exceptional ratings in these areas:

The book, “Accountability for After-School Care: Devising standards and measuring adherence to them” by Megan Beckett, Angela Hawken, Alison Jacknowitz is available on the RAND website www.rand.org

Internal Evaluations

Every year in May, Stone Soup asks parents, children and principals to evaluate the programs in order to improve the quality of care.

Parent’s responses to the survey

Children’s responses to the survey:

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