Donate to Help a Child

$500 Provides bus transportation for 120 children to a science center, museum or other educational facility/
$1,000 Provides partial tuition assistance for 3 children for one full year.
$3,000 Provides full tuition for after school care for a family for one full school year.
$5,000 Offers 50 children the unique experience of learning from a guest artist for one semester.
$10,000 Can provide tuition assistance for up to 20 children for one year or help compensate two special aides for special needs children.

Stone Soup serves lower-income families with high-quality child care. Help us continue our work.

Stone Soup is self-supporting through business donations, donations from generous individuals, parent fees, and grants from foundations. Donations are currently being used for the following:

Stone Soup has kept administration costs between 5% – 6% since its inception, so nearly 95% of all funds are used for direct services for children.

Since no tax dollars go to Stone Soup, donors to Stone Soup do not contribute twice as with most programs. Please consider helping our children with a gift of:

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