Special Events

In addition to our regularly scheduled events, we enjoy putting on special events to keep our program exciting and adaptable.

CSUN Teenage Drama Workshop.

Stone Soupers have been invited year after year to attend summer theater productions under the direction of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication at Cal State Northridge. The goal of this workshop group is to empower students to learn life skills through the arts while experiencing the importance of ensemble and teamwork. Students return energetic, enthusiastic, and excited to learn more about theatre arts.

Image of two young teens in a drama productions. Red theater curtains on either side. Boy forfront with gold paper in shape of stars over his eyes.

Shed Skins
Reptile Event

Jeff Porto, owner of Shedskin Reptiles brought exciting, exotic animals to Stone Soup in Ripon and captivated the children with an adult and baby tortoise, ball python, a king and corn snake, legless lizards, bearded dragon and geckos. The students were given the animals’ names, what they do, where they live and eat and how they reproduce. Some animals were free to roam among the children and others were brought to them to touch, feel and hold.

Souper Bowl Event

In summer, Stone Soupers discover the thrill of outdoor fun at the SOUPER Bowl. Sports, games, races and a chance to really make the most of a beautiful California day come together at the SOUPER Bowl. Everyone is a Gold Medalist at these Olympics!

Throughout the year, Stone Soupers have a chance to join in talent shows and performances of plays for special guests like parents, volunteers and supporters.

California Science Center’s interactive Theater group

“How the heart works”

Stone Soupers became red and white corpuscles as they surged through veins and arteries in the California Science Center’s theatrical production that taught students how the heart works. The interactive theater captured their imagination and prompted a series of questions which were cleverly answered by the actors.

Guest Performers

Guest performers such as Jose-Luis Orozco, a nationally acclaimed multi-cultural singer, guitarist and recording star, and Suzanna Guzmán, a principal artist with the Los Angeles Opera, have dazzled and delighted Stone Soup children.

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