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Los Angeles Times

…Best of all, the successful program has become a catalyst for additional programs.

Ceres Courier

Stone Soup gives kids a secure place to stay and play after school.

CSAC Review

Stone Soup – A Collaborative School Age Success.

Wellesley College Center for Research on Women


Stone Soup has virtually met the need for school age care in communities.

The Modesto Bee

The wonderful thing about being involved with Stone Soup is that it doesn’t cost the school district a penny.

Dr. Gary Rapkin,  Superintendent

Dr. Kenneth Moffett, 1994 National Superintendent of the Year
Stone Soup has become an integral part of our district. The well-trained employees, constant support and positive impact to the district has provided our parents with a program that is safe, well-planned and is just outstanding.


Stone Soup is an outstanding program that does not place a burden on anyone.

M. Rebecca Kilburn, Ph.D., Child Policy Director for the RAND Corporation

Stone Soup truly practices the type of broad-based collaboration that is so often touted, but rarely realized in social service delivery.

Vice President Al Gore, 1998 White House Town Hall Meeting

Stone Soup is an exemplary partnership and a model program.

commentsfromsupporters-parachute1Stone Soup Parents say:

“I rave about Stone Soup to everyone. The Supervisor keeps me well informed about my daughter’s homework. I feel safer leaving her here than with some family members.”

“What I like best about Stone Soup is the quality of service. The people are extremely nice, professional and trustworthy.”

“The staff feels like a second family to my child. I look forward for my grandchildren to attend.”